Our History

Makea World Organisation was established in 1994 as an association of Africans in Cologne, Germany, to promote African culture in Germany. This association was also formed during the Rwandan genocide, and its members were not blind to what was happening in Rwanda. Aware of the numerous developmental challenges faced by millions of Africans, the members of Makea World sought to contribute to improving the quality of life in Africa and alleviate the poverty still affecting many. The first project undertaken was assisting in the victims of the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Thus, Makea World quickly took on a humanitarian dimension, which has characterised much of our activities in the last ten years and influenced our vision.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become a global voice for many voiceless in Africa

Makea World Organisation exists to act as a platform that will continually raise awareness among Africans in the diaspora and European communities about the living conditions of many in Africa who lack access to basic necessities, and mobilise resources to impact the lives of those less fortunate, thereby significantly contributing to poverty alleviation in Africa.

Makea World does this by working closely with well-wishing individuals and organisations in Europe, leveraging off the members’ networks and mobilising resources that are used to assist beneficiaries directly in Africa, by identifying and working with local organisations active in the areas of education, healthcare, environment and youth development.

As an association, Makea World will continue to empower its members and other stakeholders to better understand Africa, its history, its culture and to continually create an interest in this diverse and magnificent continent, as well as drive debate on topical economic and social issues facing most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Team

Our Partners